DPP: The DPP-Femto Working Group

Laser Processing of Modern High-Tech Materials (DPP-Femto)

The aim of the “DPP-Femto” Working Group is to obtain a better insight into the fundamentals of the laser processing of modern materials in order to advance the realization of digital photonic production. The work of the research campus focuses in particular on ultra-short pulse (USP) lasers, which represent a class of new optical processing systems and make it possible to realize new functionalities on materials and components generated straight from digital data. Such USP operating systems are used, for example, to structure significant numbers of smartphone displays with ever higher resolution screens.

The project is focusing on the analysis, simulation and description of the interaction of USP laser beams with optically transparent materials. Optimum production processes, adapted optics and systems solutions will be devised on the basis of these fundamental results.

Direct cooperation in a single project between experts at RWTH Aachen and the three manufacturers of laser sources TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH, Edgewave GmbH and Amphos GmbH as well as the system provider 4Jet Technologies GmbH means that a unique pool of machines and equipment is available for scientists and engineers from research and industry to conduct joint research on a cross-cutting topic. This means that innovative approaches to USP processing can be realized and tested very quickly.