FEN: Research campus project 4

Designing, Constructing and Testing a Medium Voltage DC Research Grid in Aachen

The project aims to construct and test a medium voltage direct current (MVDC) grid on the campus of RWTH Aachen University. The test operations are expected to deliver insights into the operation of DC grids as well as the interaction between their individual components. The project will also enable researchers to assess the need for further research and development in the field of DC grids.

Test benches in the megawatt range of several laboratories at RWTH Aachen University will be connected to the grid using standard components for this purpose. These standard components include, for example, power converters or circuit breakers from the current portfolios of the industrial partners. However, other individual components such as medium-frequency transformers are being developed from scratch. This approach is intended to enable the start of the grid’s test operations as soon as possible.

The resulting DC grid is a unique research instrument and is already attracting attention to the FEN Research Campus from far beyond the region.