InfectoGnostics: Innovative Diagnostics for Pneumonia in Immunosuppression (IDES)

Developing fast point-of-care diagnostics

The work of the research campus focuses on developing reliable, rapid and minimally invasive diagnostic methods for identifying pathogens that cause pneumonia and their resistances. IDES is aimed at developing convenient, easy-to-use systems for fast point-of-care diagnostics. Another aim of the project is to establish the infrastructure (patient cohort, biobank) required for the reliable validation of innovative diagnostic methods on campus.

The ideas and research findings of the partners involved in ten associated sub-projects will be pooled in the research campus and enhanced along the innovation chain leading to the development of new technologies and their market entry. The experimental development work will be funded by the partners themselves or from other third-party funds. The “CarbDetect AS-2 Kit” was the first commercial product to be presented as a result of collaboration between science and industry in the research campus. This microarray-based assay facilitates the identification of carbapenem-resistant (carbapenemase-producing) bacteria and their products.