M²OLIE: An example from the ProM²OLIE cross-sectional project

Cross-Disciplinary Optimization of the Patient Consent Consultation Process

The ProM²OLIE cross-sectional project sets out to identify and remedy bottlenecks in the molecular intervention process when examining and treating cancer patients. It showed that the patient’s informed consent consultation process is the critical bottleneck. This issue is now being jointly addressed by the Institute of Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the University Medical Centre Mannheim and the University of Mannheim.

The two partners in the M²OLIE Research Campus are now cooperating on an interdisciplinary basis to develop solutions for optimizing the patient consultation process.

The improved process includes a tablet based consent form to support the traditional face-to-face consultation between patient and doctors. This process has been tested in the clinical routine since 2016. A first study to validate the procedure involving at least 120 patients is scheduled for the spring of 2017.

The project shows how the combination of clinical expertise and management/technology know-how can produce a viable, innovative solution within just a short time. Moreover, the project’s participatory approach increases people’s acceptance of medical innovations.