Decision Support 4.0

Research campus members at the GasLab are addressing the issue of how to optimize the control of Germany’s gas distribution network through forward planning in order to ensure that all connected consumers have sufficient amounts of natural gas at their disposal at any time. The aim of the sub-project is to develop a navigator, not much different from the navigation device in your car, as a decision support tool for dispatchers. The navigator will enable the optimum configuration of all network components for the needs of the next day.

To this end, partners from research and industry are jointly analysing real-life network situations and discussing relevant determinants. They are cooperating in an iterative process involving mathematical expertise and the technical knowledge of the industrial partner to improve mathematical methods and develop software for use by the industrial partner.

In addition to the two main actors, namely Open Grid Europe GmbH and ZIB, the sub-project involves all partners involved in the MODAL Research Campus thanks to their shared mathematical processes.