Open Hybrid LabFactory: ProVorPlus – Functionally integrated process technology for the prefabrication and production of hybrid FRP-metal structural components

Manufacturing Hybrid FRP-Metal Components for Mass Production

The project aims to manufacture integrated hybrid components to increase the cost-effectiveness of lightweight construction using fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP). Different materials with diverse characteristics are combined to form hybrid components thus enabling the functionalization of the individual materials (i.e. the tailoring of their mechanical, thermal, acoustic and electrical properties).

The aim of the ProVorPlus project is to develop a manufacturing technology for the mass production of cup-shaped hybrid (fibre-reinforced thermoplastic and metal) structural components. The 4-year project is funded with 7.2 million euros and brings together ten partners from science and industry which are pooling their know-how to develop new technologies and a comprehensive production line for the manufacture of a demonstrator component at the Open Hybrid LabFactory’s Technikum in Wolfsburg.

Cooperation between equal partners with complementary know-how plays a key role in finding solutions to specific research questions and in the generation of application-oriented knowledge. The ProVorPlus project considers the key topics addressed at the Open Hybrid LabFactory along the entire production chain of multi-material lightweight components for mass production. It thus plays a major role in positioning the research campus as a beacon of lightweight construction for everyone.