Open Hybrid LabFactory

The research campus Open Hybrid Lab-Factory

The research campus Open Hybrid LabFactory (OHLF) focuses on the research, development, production and testing of hybrid components to meet the key future challenges in the automotive industry. The main topic of research is materials development with a special focus on circular economy, resource efficiency, production engineering and lightweight construction. The aim of the research campus based in Wolfsburg is to make an industry-relevant contribution to advancing the mobility of the future.


The vision

How is the research campus making a difference?

The automotive industry is investing in research in sustainable technologies more than ever before. Lightweight design, which aims at reducing vehicle weight and mass, plays a key role in this context. Reducing vehicle weight in car manufacturing leads to fuel savings along with lower CO2 emissions. Establishing further links between lightweight engineering, circular economy and material efficiency can reduce carbon footprint, cut production costs and help to recover strategic raw materials.

When it comes to research in these areas, the research campus Open Hybrid LabFactory (OHLF) offers the ideal basis for efficiently networking science and industry under one roof and at eye level, and accelerating research processes. The expertise and years of experience gained by the scientific institutes at the research campus OHLF in the areas of design, processes, materials and sustainability analysis create the ideal conditions to research and develop first-class solutions for optimal circular economy in industry.

OHLF comprises a unique infrastructure and the most advanced plant and equipment, a research factory with a technical centre, laboratories, integrated project houses and office space. Partners from a wide array of organizations come together in open collaborations. The research campus OHLF works in this dynamic mix of cultures and expertise on various initiatives to advance new technologies into cost-effective innovations for future mobility. The research campus also pools competences that are needed along the entire hybrid components’ value chain – from conceptual design, semi-finished textile and organo sheet production, the manufacturing processes of hybrid components to the associated life cycle design and engineering, including recycling.

Research priorities

What is the main focus of the research campus?

The research campus OHLF focuses on the key enabling technologies for the automotive industry of tomorrow, digital transformation and e-mobility as well as energy and resource efficiency. Lightweight engineering – a philosophy that aims to minimize weight while increasing resource efficiency, and one which is a major driver of vehicle design of the future. The focus of the research campus OHLF is on the following thematic fields: Circular economy: a model of production and consumption in which existing materials and products are used, shared, leased, reused, repaired, reprocessed and recycled as long as possible; production engineering, lightweight construction, materials development and fibre-reinforced composite technology.